Wecome to this Website

I have never kept a dairy before nor hitherto shown much interest in Tweeting or indeed accumulating dozens of anonymous friends through the use of Social Media. I don’t disapprove you understand but suspect I come from that generation that does not fully understand or appreciate why you would bother?

Let me hasten to assure you that I am not a complete technophobe.

In fact, I first learnt to program computers in machine code way back in the 70’s (and for those of you yet to reach 20 years of age, yes I can provide photographic evidence if pressed, albeit in monochrome). In a desperate bid to gain some credibility, I can assure you that I do own a smartphone but use it in a very un-smart kind of a way. I must confess that I didn’t actually buy it myself but had it handed down to me by my wife when she upgraded (I think she needed more bandwidth or larger widgets or some such).

By now you must be very surprised or indeed totally bemused that I have ended up constructing this website. Well I can assure you that you cannot be any more shocked than I.

A more in depth look at this technological leap and the reasons why and how is somewhere else on this site. But for now, if you have read this far, thank you for taking the time to look (goodness knows how you got here) but I am glad you did and hope you may find something of interest.
Best wishes,